Happy Fathers Day…yeah!

Oh what fun fathers day brings!

I always knew that today would be a challenge. It felt like a normal Sunday when I woke up this morning. It took me a while click on to what day it was. I was soon reminded. Yay it hit me (nice one grief) with a thud but I picked myself up. Thanks to those who offered support to me today!

I sat on my backside this morning and binged out on TopGear, Lee Evans DVDs and Blackadder – you may be thinking why…let me explain – these were the programs that me and my dad watched together and those where we had the most laughs. It was a good way for me to deal with it! I laughed and enjoyed them but they weren’t the same without Dad there. The binge will continue tonight and I will have a nice beer to wash it down with. Here’s to you Dad!

This week has been good though – I started my new job on Monday; what a great job! What great people to work with! Instantly made to feel welcome! So thanks to my new work colleagues for making me feel so welcomed and happy within my new place of work. You are all brilliant fun to work with!

Now I have quite an apprehensive wait…I am not going to see Ruth, my counsellor, until 9th September (coincidentally the anniversary of Dads death) so please if any of you see me plummeting into a hole, please rescue me! I can’t afford to be down this summer! Thank you to those of you whom have helped me already! I would like to pay special thanks to Emily, Jess, Barney, Millie and Claudia for keeping me afloat over the last year, you guys have been amazing and you have been incredible supports to me! Forever in debt to you all! But also thanks to Matt, Oli and Claudia (Stage Mumma) for keeping me afloat during my times in the theatre, also to Matt for giving me the inspiration to write about my feelings – I am glad to welcome him back to the UK after his road trip – I am no longer responsible if anything goes wrong at the Merlin (phew)! Also a thank you to all of the new people to have walked into my life and started supporting me. But a thank you to the people out there whom take comfort or inspiration in my blog because without you – I would struggle to be honest about my emotions sometimes! The support I have got and people making contact from all over the world makes me aware of the impact that my blog is having and even that contact a little closer to home. Thank you wonderful people! But also it goes without saying, a huge thanks to my incredible mum!

I want those people dealing with grief weather it is recent or it has been years – the pain does come in fits and starts but it really helps to get your feelings out of your head. Whether thats in a notebook, on a blog, to a friend or to someone you trust! I encourage you to express yourself, it makes it that bit easier. My heart truly goes out to those this fathers day that don’t have a Dad! We are a unique bread and are much stronger than most! Huge respect!

Thats all for now folks! Cheers for the continual support and enjoy the longest day of the year!



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