The end of an era…

Welcome today marks the end of an era of me, the time has come for me to wave goodbye to all my colleagues at Knoll Hill Farm, thank you for such a wonderful 2 years. I have had a wonderful time but know it has come to the right time for me to move on. I have been successful in gaining a Job at TMTI in Corsley (a technology help centre) but I will miss my colleagues at KHF and will miss the amazing working atmosphere it provided. I’ll always be around though!

Now I know that it has been just a little over a week since I posted last, but I have decided that I need to get my thoughts out more regularly, so if I bore you, I do apologise but as I have said before, this is a way for me to express myself, especially to those close to me! So I dont wish to hear what I heard at school towards the end of last week!

So far the exams are all going well, apart from B2 (which I think most of the students would say). It was the worlds worst written paper and whoever wrote it deserves a kick up the backside. Whoever you are…you’re very mean!

The half term wasn’t really a break as such because of a lovely thing called revision…my heart goes out to all students having to revise, it is crap and feel like it will never end. But lets hang in there, not long to go!
This week hasn’t all be bad though, I had a nice trip into Bristol with Emily and her family, this was really enjoyable and was a very nice break from the revision. I had a nice evening with a few friends and a couple of beers, that was really fun and we had such a laugh. I had some great fun in the theatre this half term with my ‘little’ sidekick Oli (as you can see I have emphasised the word little, this of course has nothing to do with Oli’s height!), this was a great laugh. I realised that I been a complete twat to some people, this was not so great, but it was sorted. I made some new friendships and reinforced some old ones. I realised how privileged I am.

This week has also been a little strange for me, I have had people who I didn’t know messaging me on Facebook and talking to me whilst I have been out an about, congratulating me on all my awards. I really don’t know what to say to these kind hearted people. I still don’t feel like I am deserving of such prestigious awards, I am me. I do the things that I do because I know other people are benefitting from it. But thank you to all those kind people who have congratulated me! It means a huge amount! I thought I would include a cheesy photograph for the sake of it! 

Award Congrats photo.
Credits to Simon Heard//FCC Print Centre for the Photo

Changing the subject slightly, there is one thing that is bothering me at the moment. I just feel that there are a few people whom I am drifting away from, this is hard. I dont know whether its because I am not making the effort or its them not making the effort or its both. But it feels shit and I am not liking it! I am not naming anyone because this would be unfair and this will probably come back to bite me, but it needed to be said!

I know this is only a short post but I am tired and need to sleep! Night all!

Bugger off to the hate! I don’t deserve it!



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