There’s light at the end of the tunnel…

This post is a positive one and is mainly a thank you!

As some of you know, I was nominated and I won the Frome Youth Citizen of the Year Award, for this I am truly grateful to Frome College and the teachers who nominated me.

However I was nominated by Frome College, a specific idea of Mrs West, for a very prestigious award in a national award scheme (The Princess Diana Award). Yesterday morning, I was summoned to the Principals office… (at this point I was thinking shit…what have I done)! Then a large number of people decided they’d pop in and I was told by Mr Ball that I had been successful and I had one a Princess Diana Award under the Champion Volunteer section. This came as a complete surprise to me and I was totally speechless when I was told!

But I couldn’t have received that award, if it wasn’t for the reasons that I have volunteered. Those reasons are some other incredible young people. They include the students that I have mentored, the students that I have lead on DofE, the students I have worked with on Theatrical Productions, the staff members who have been able to make my work possible, the colleagues that I work with as part of my voluntary efforts. So thank you to all of those people, and a special thanks to those who provided me with the testimonials for the award, your references made me speechless when reading them, to know the impact that I have had on the lives of other young people is incredible.

As part of both awards I discussed my new project that I have set up with the support of the Frome Youth Bank – Cycle4Charities (website to come soon). The idea of the project is to set up sponsored cycle events that raise money for charity and also improve the physical/emotional/psychological wellbeing of young people in the Frome area. The ultimate goal of this is to become a registered charity that improves the lives of young people. If anyone is interested please drop me an email on Special thanks to the FCC Finance Department and Frome Town Council for the support with this project.

So whats next…I have to go and make a speech at the Rotary Club Meeting on Tuesday 2nd June (this is for the Frome Youth Citizen) and unfortunately I will be missing the award presentation for the Princess Diana Award, as I am away, but I have been told to watch this space by Mrs Edwards (I have a feeling something is coming my way from Frome College – don’t embarrass me too much…please)!

I don’t want people to think I am up myself, because I am not and I really did not expect to get these awards. It however has been a little bit of light for me at the end of a very long tunnel.

I would like to thank some very important people in this post…so here goes:

Firstly – My Mum, she can be a pain sometimes but I would be lost without her! I love you mum!
My lovely, one and only, Emily, I know I am a pain sometimes but you always stick by me!
Two of the worlds best friends anyone could every wish for, Jess and Claudia, always there for me!

My wonderful colleagues and friends at the Merlin Theatre, without the support of you guys, I would have had no chance of getting the awards. So a huge thanks to Claudia, Matt and the team!

The wonderful teachers that have supported me through the good and tough times, but there are a few that I should name. Firstly my Head of House: Mrs Bendry, whom has been there right from day one at Frome College and looked after me all the way; My Tutor, Miss Clark for the wonderful support that you have given me over the last two years; Mrs Edwards for the help and support recently; Miss Latham for the light hearted comedy that gets me through the tough times and the support that you have given me; Mrs Love for the incredible support you have given me and the smiles you have managed to get out of me and Mrs West for her sense of humour and kindness!

Every single one of you reading this for your support and kindness through the tough times and making me laugh through the good times.

Finally, my final and largest thanks goes to my inspiration for life, my Dad. Without you, I would not be the person I am today. You were and still are a very special and incredible man. It is a shame that I am unable to thank you in person. I am not ashamed to say that I miss you and that I would do anything for that extra hug and a moment to tell you what I have achieved. I hope you are proud of me, and I hope that I will continue to make you proud! My love always mate, keep on sleeping tight!


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