One week down…four more to go

Its only a short one…I am tired!

Well as promised, I have decided to post a bit sooner because I have decided that it would help me, so I do apologise if I am starting to bore you.

Other than the exams, this week has been pretty great for me. Lets start with the exams and get them out of the way first.
The B3 exam was fine, no worries at all but B2 was a completely different story, whoever had written that paper ought to be shot, the way that the questions were worded was awful and it was so unbelievably unclear about what they were answering. Again I found the C3 exam fine and the C2 one a little more challenging but thats life. 4 exams down, 13 more to go.

Now as you could probably work out, I was struggling with dad not going at this time, so I thought long about it and decided that I should just embrace it. So this week I have made sure that he was with me wherever possible. I don’t usually were any form of necklace, ever, however this week I have decided that I would were the St Peters Cross dad wore during ‘The Troubles’ conflict in Northern Island. It is a piece of jewellery that will forever be very special to me.

Anyway some very exciting news: I am very pleased to announce that I was nominated for and have won the Frome Youth Citizen of the Year Award 2015. I really didn’t think that I would win the award, the competition was strong but this made the dullness of the exams slightly more bearable.

The week has been fairly positive and it has ended with a lovely weekend away on DofE expedition with some wonderful Year 9’s.

Lets see what next week brings.

Continual good luck to my colleague and friend, Matt Tipper (check out his blog here:

Having been up since 5am this morning, I am very tired and thinking of now going to bed!

PS: Those observant ones out of you I now have a custom web address, this is an incentive for me to post more. The old link will still work!

higher hare from bicknoller

A wonderful view from this weekend!


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